Thursday, 15 April 2010

Bruised and battered

So my IT band is all normal and loose now. Great right?

Sort of. The ITB is loose, but I have ended up with a LOAD of scar tissue in the surrounding area which I need to massage and shift out before I try running again.

And holy crap it HURTS!!
Not only is there the deep muscle loosening pain, but there is a horrible burning sensation on contact! I am currently using the back of a hairbrush, and after just one day it has left me with some seriously funky bruising. At least it is the first time I can say my injury actually LOOKS like an injury!

It is pure agony trying to massage it though and I am squirming so much I can't do it properly. Wonder if I can hire some super strong guys to hold me down and do it for me.... Hmm.


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