Monday, 30 November 2009

So it begins....

Half marathon training officially kicks off tomorrow with the Crawathlon in Crawley. I'll be running about 5-6k I think depending on what my colleagues manage.

On the basis that I am the least fit out of all of them I expect I'll be at the back of the pack shoring up the tail end... Woohoo. Atleast the only way is up from there!

I'll be concentrating on speed tomorrow. I'll see how it goes...

Wednesday will see me up well before daylight to do intervals to try to build some cardio fitness... I still wonder WTF I let myself in for.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Been a while....

It has been a very long time since I was last here.

My run on 27 September I completed in 1h 2m 12s - so not quite at target but not far either. It was still a PB time so not complaining. The course was also horrible - lots of slippery, hilly, uneven wet ground - surpirsed no major injuries amongst the runners.

Anyways drawn a line under that and now getting ready for next one - half marathon on 14 March 2010. Training officially kicks off Tuesday 1 December - 16 solid weeks, and I am aiming for a sub 2 hour time. Not sure how plausible it will be given I took more than an hour for half that distance!

Going to head out running 3 times a week - one day intervals to build up cardio fitness, one day short 4-5k runs to build up pace and one day long distance runs to get some endurance. I'm also doing these bootcamp classes once a week and I go to the gym to life some weights twice a week. Last one isn't essential but I do worry distance running can lead to muscle loss so I am sort of hedging my bets a bit. Not sure how long I'll last a bit further down the line but at the minute I am feeling ready to the freezing cold...and dark....and rain...and...and....why did I want to do this again?