Saturday, 1 May 2010

Woohoo! I'm back baby!

I ran for the first time today - PAIN FREE :D 11 weeks and 2 days after doing my injury, FINALLY I did it without feeling like someone stabbed me in the side of my leg.

Going to give it another test run in a day or so, but I was on such a high today - it was amazing.

I know I am still not 100% - the lay off and the build of scar tissue has weakened my knee - there is a bit of muscle wastage caused by the restriction of oxygen and blood flow from the scar tissue that is still there - so I do have to be careful. But some massaging and building up slowly should do the trick!

I do still get this weird funny fuzzy sort of feeling after running, but I think that is the nature of scar tissue and the restrictions it causes.

Bring on that 10k end of May :D


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