Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Winter blues

I had been going great guns a couple of weeks ago, getting out 3 times a week and making some real progress. Then came the snow...and the ice...and as much as I love snow and ice, running in it is a whole different matter. I chose not to risk slipping and cracking my head open on the pavement and kept indoors. As a result I have not been out in a couple of weeks - obviously my preparation is not ideal.

Then along came Christmas, and believe me, I did not hold back. Then came the after Xmas sales which sapped most of my energy for the following 3 days. And now I am rather feverish which means my breath is majorly restricted so I can't actually reach any decent pace or endurance. I think the first Sunday I am free I will need to go to straight into hitting 14-15km. Plus increasing my intensity during the week.

Training has been so poor for this, I'm getting frustrated with myself. Time to crack the whip and see myself through the first 11 weeks of 2010 and finish that half marathon. Woohoo.


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