Sunday, 18 April 2010

Less than 1 year to go...

The 2011 London marathon either takes place on 17 April or 1 May next year. The last weekend in April is Easter next year so it is one or the other.

Most sites I have seen seem to indicate it will be 17 April - which I'm not surprised about. By May, the heat (in London? Seriously?) can pick up a little bit and I don't think the marathon has ever been held in May before. So I think 17 April is a reasonable expectation.

Which gives me 52 weeks to the day, or 364 days to go.

Ballot opens either day after this year's race, or on 4 May.






L Avery Brown said...

We're all counting down with you! And when you run that marathon I'm sure they'll show snippits of it on BBC America so I'll try my darnedest to spot you among the throngs of runners! Hey, maybe you could wear a neon hat or something so I can pick you out in the crowd and then point at my TV and say 'HEY, I (virtually) know that guy!'

Happy day and Safe running,

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