Sunday, 7 February 2010

Best run ever...

On a MASSIVE high today - possibly definitely my best run EVER.

Only the second time I have gone 10k or more without needing to stop. Beat my previous 10k personal best by 5 minutes and my 5k PB by 3 minutes. First time I have ever run 10k in under an hour. That's right, 56:56.

Slightly hilly route, stopped for traffic a couple of times, banging out the distance on my own. Still did it though.

I think I may have had something of an epiphany the night before. I did 10k in 1:02:12 back in September, and it seemed to be taking me even longer to cover 10k now than it did back then - I always thought training was supposed to work the other way! The amount that p!ssed me off clearly unleashed some potent cocktail of adrenaline and testosterone and pumped me up to hammer it out no matter what today.

The fact that I felt like vomiting from 3k to about 8k didn't put me off. I ended up with my final 1k being my fastest, and my 2nd 5k being about 20s faster than my first 5k!

Been on a MASSIVE high since then. Put my stats into a race time predictor...this one in fact:

Race time predictor

Obviously training is still crucial, but the way today went I could potentially do my half marathon in less than 2:10, and even more pleasing to the eye was a possible marathon time of sub 4:30. I haven't underestimated the task at hand, but that really got me buzzing. 2 weeks ago I was looking at a possible half marathon time of 2:25 and was aiming for 5:30 for a full marathon. What a turnaround.

The following goes without saying really... Woohoo!!!


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