Saturday, 20 February 2010

Still on edge

Man my knee is bumming me out. It feels 100% fine first thing in the morning and gets worse throughout the day. I think I have become obsessed with it.

It has definitely gotten better since the initial injury, but I still can't help but worry that with just 3 weeks and 1 day to go for my first half marathon, the idea of having to pull out is still lingering on my mind.

I think I have been following all the recommended treatments - RICE of course was first and foremost. I swear the rest part is the hardest - the number of times I have just wanted to get up and dart off...seriously!

I saw a physio during the week as well, which I think was more painful than the knee itself. He was bending my legs in all sorts of directions I didn't even know were physically possible.

It is also a sign of what you have let yourself in for when at one point he says 'Your leg is probably going to feel like it's about to break, but I promise you it's not'! Charming or what.

Of course all that pain was nothing compared to the elbows (with his body weight behind it) being dug into my poor hip. Just to rub it in, he was trying to have a normal conversation at the same time while I was squirming and struggling to breathe, let alone speak.

It did really help though and my legs returned to normal walking ability almost instantly. It also emerged that my stretching was generally inadequate and my leg muscles were all stupidly tight. So I have been given a heck of a lot of stretching to do. I was also advised to get a foam roller, which I have now got.

That is probably even worse and I keep wussing out on stretching on it at the most tender part of my leg, which is the part I really need to work on. Wonder if I should hire someone to hold me down and make me do it.

Running is still off for the time being, but at least that has let me catch up on some rare Sunday morning lie-ins. Like I will be having tomorrow. Small ray of sunshine though in the mist that is the next 3 weeks.


L Avery Brown said...

UGH...knee pain is the worst! I sure hope it gets loads better in the next few days! I and all of us at RBU are pulling for you to be 100% ASAP!


Lola said...

Sending you some healing thoughts and positive vibes for fast healing, wishing you all the best so you can go out there and kill that marathon!

And if you have to pull out, ah well.. it just means you got something better coming up!!!

Best wishes

From Lola

Real Bloggers United

Little Miss Sasha said...

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Lita C. Malicdem said...

Praying for your fast recovery from your knee injury and healing of your knee pain. Hope you'll be fine in time for the great run again. I suffer from a restless leg syndrome and it's cumbersome to walk, how much more of your pain? You'll pull through soon.

An RBU friend here.

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