Saturday, 20 March 2010

I feel like having a rant...again...

Still going in circles with this stupid knee of mine. Damn ITBS.

Was wondering if it is my new shoes that caused it rather than being an absolute numpty on the stairs. So next plan of action is to get a proper biomechanical analysis done by a podiatrist to work out what caused my injury. I am not convinced I did it on the stairs (although that is what made it flare up!) because I have managed to do the same thing again a couple of times and on neither occasion did it have any side effect.

The only different thing on the time my ITBS flared up was the night before that I ran in my new shoes for the first time.

There may be some underlying biological weakness in me or my running technique otherwise, but I won't be able to find that out until I get a proper professional look at it.

My physio has been great but I am terrified this will happen to me again and I need to know what exactly caused it so I can do my best to avoid it in future. Prevention is a million times better than cure. It has been more than 5 weeks and I am still looking for my cure.

I went for my usual Saturday morning boot camp and my knee felt fine - and I managed to run a bit with no problem, but I can feel it a lot tighter now. Doesn't hurt, but it does make me wonder how it would be if I tried to run any sort of distance.

I am hoping to be back to running the week after Easter which gives me another couple of weeks of rest, but that still seems a bit optimistic and feels an age away in itself. I had targetted a 10k race on 31 May to get myself back into a race - which is 3 and a half months after my initial injury - but I still have that fear at the back of my mind that I won't make it.

I am doing that marathon next year whether I have to crawl it so my ultimate goal stays the same, but I would much rather be doing it on my feet and in (relative) comfort.


Allison said...

ITBS sucks! I had it about four years ago and it kept in at bay for about 6-7 weeks. Of course, I continued to run and do the elliptical as much as possible, making it worse. As much as it is heartbreaking to not be able to run, it will be worth it when you are better. Have you tried swimming? I did more swimming when I was injured and found that it got me into fantastic shape!

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