Sunday, 28 March 2010

Target spotted

Having a lazy Sunday for now until I get over it and crack on with my planned 1 hour kettlebell endurance circuit - something I have devised to substitute the long run I would have been doing otherwise on a Sunday.

Anyway over the course of my lazy Sunday I spent some time doing some random browsing on the internet, unsurprisingly, running related it was. I stumbled across an article on celebrities and famous faces who have completed marathons, which you can read for yourself here.

Scrolling down the page, under politicians....George W Bush...3:44:52. Given my disdain for the 'Dubya' years and their impact on the world (I am not really a political person but he just managed to p!$$ me off big time) I think I will feel a personal sense of satisfaction to cross the finish line in 3:44:51 (or less!).

Hell of a lot of work to do for someone who can't actually run at the minute, and when I could run, my 10k PB was over an hour. Just about 13 months to go...I like a challenge.


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