Monday, 24 August 2009

To GPS or not to GPS...

One of the things that annoys me about my running at the minute is trying to track my progress. I have approximations of my times and speeds to go on, but I want some good solid numbers to work from.

I am a bit of a data monkey I guess - Number crunching is my banana. Yes I am aware of how immensely profound that sounded.

So I was thinking if I get some sort of GPS device which comes with the relevant software it will be a major aid to me tracking my progress - to track improvements, see where I am struggling, how much my speed varies...and so on and so forth.

This of course raises the question of what device to get...and hence my predicament.

I think there are realistically 3-4 options here - both GPS, and other:

1) One of those funky GPS watches which Garmin produces, costing something like £250 minimum.

2) Nike+ - which doesn't work with my iPod classic and therefore would also require investment in a new iPod.

3) A phone with integrated GPS - Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone and a few others all have such phones and you can get run-tracking software for them.

4) Potentially a new iPod touch - there's rumours afoot that this will be out in mid-September and might have GPS.

Ideally the iPod touch I am hoping for will come to fruition. Means I can be in possession of an extremely cool device, an iPod which has not been out of production and for which plenty of accessories are still produced, the GPS device I need and...did I already mention the coolness?

It means I can stick with getting a cheap-o phone as well. I really don't have great luck with phones so spending a load on one and locking myself into a contract for 18-24 months is a bit of a risk.

The Garmin is not a bad option either - seeing as there is as such nothing wrong with my current iPod and its still in pretty good condition. Only thing is its a pretty big investment for something I will probably only use specifically for running!

Anyways that's a bit of a brief overview and completely inconclusive. I think I will sit tight and wait and see what Apple brings along in its music event in September. Watch this space 09/09/09!


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