Saturday, 30 January 2010


I'm being a bit bold tomorrow and trying to go more than my half marathon distance...108% of it in fact - 22.7km. I just want to try it once, then I want to do another couple of weeks at similar distance then pull it back and stick to 10-15km distances and concentrate on building some more speed and endurance over the final 2-3 weeks.

Sound plan in theory I think. How I wish reality would be just as simple. I think I went and charted out a stupidly hilly route which is going to be stupidly hard. The fact that I am for some reason unknown to anyone willingly going beyond the distance I need to is either dedication or madness - haven't decided which yet.

On the bright side, once (or if!) I get through tomorrow I will know I have enough in me to pull it together on the day.

I suspect knowing my pace will be crucial. Last week I went out at a pace a bit quicker than I am accustomed and held on well for a while until my backside decided to stiffen up and start cramping about half way through. Week before I took it slower and was able to actually run alot more of it, which I think might be the better approach. I have time to work on speed afterwards - tomorrow is about enduring. 

My shoes have started getting worn out in a weird place now though - the toes of the in-soles. I didn't even think I used my toes when I am running to be honest, but there you go. I got some replacement in-soles put in and I am really liking the feeling in them. It does however put me in an awkward position for my run. Do I go and get new shoes? If I do get new ones, will I have enough time to break them in? If they're too new, that is bound to blister. Or do I stick it out with my current ones and whatever risks that may entail for my legs, in the hope of avoiding said blisters?

I guess I will see how tomorrow goes and decide after that. If I do need to get some shoes, I suppose I should act soon...

That of course leads me on to where to go and whose advice to trust. Ahh decisions, decisions....


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