Saturday, 23 January 2010

Cool runnings

Finally starting to build something and I can see some progress. Wednesday I found a hill and knocked out a few hill sprints until I could barely walk up the hill. And it felt great - well ignoring the pain in my legs anyways. I followed it up with a few squats afterwards. I realised during my last run that my @$$ muscles are majorly lacking in endurance and I need to try to strengthen that a bit. Hence squatting seemed like a good idea, combined with the hill running.

Thursday was AWESOME. I joined a running club and went out in a group. 7.4km in 43 minutes, without stopping. I have never done that speed for that time without stopping. I would go as far as saying it was my best ever run (so far)! Was on such a massive high all of Friday and I'm still buzzing.

I know I will desperately need that buzz to carry me through 18k tomorrow! Bring it on....


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