Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow man!!!

The #snow in the UK has been absolutely awesome! At least that is what I would be saying if I didn't need to go out running in it!

Check this out on the BBC website:

UK snow from above

Since I moved to this country at the beginning of 1997, we have never had snow like this, and every year up to now I would have killed for it. This is like the first year I had honestly been hoping for dry conditions to go running in (I don't mind the cold really) and it really has gone all t*ts up.

Arctic conditions are expected to continue for almost a week still - really starting to get to me. My run on Sunday showed me how truly unprepared I am, and with ice all over the place, it just means I am not going to be able to get in the training that I seriously need to.

I suppose I do still have some time on  my side - between now and Tuesday next week the only run I would be missing would be my distance one. The problem is that I have hardly been able to test myself over distance yet - I practically limped that woeful 12.5km on Sunday and if I don't get out this Sunday, I will need to go straight into doing 16km the following week.

Not sure whether I am just letting panic get to me, or whether there is genuine need to worry. I am sure there are runners training up and down the country who will all be suffering from lack of training, so I can probably breathe easy that it isn't just me losing out or something but my time will probably be well below what I would have liked.

On a positive side, I did go out both yesterday morning and this morning and didn't do too badly I guess. I was getting some weird looks from passers-by struggling to hold onto their footing in the snow while I cruised along running around in my flourescent orange thermal. Ahh well. I managed a decent 5k time yesterday - 32m and 37s. Ideally that would be below 30m but I will allow it due to the cold, my phlegmy cough (did I mention I have had a cough for 10 days now which I haven't been able to shake off yet!) and running on snow.

Did a few intervals today, 10 x 400m. Wasn't watching time too much as my focus was on technique and building up some lung strength. The insides of my legs were aching like hell by the end though. I used to always run with my feet pointed out - now with my feet straightened, the inside leg muscles are working more - hence above mentioned hellish leg pain.

Rest day tomorrow - going to try to slip in some resistance work if I can. I can't be alone in thinking trying to get to the gym would be a bit stupid.

As I typed this I started to feel a bit better about my training and the snow - long may it continue. The good feeling I mean - not the snow!


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